Cloved Fruits and Kissing "Games"

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Wed Feb 12 16:16:38 PST 1997


I've been reading all these interesting posts concerning Cloved fruits.
I hope this is the last word on the subject.  

Ive been playing in the SCA for three (3) years now and when I first got
in, I had TWO Baronesses explain to me the rules for Cloved fruit.  I
have followed these rules and have never had a bad experience with this
"dangerous object."

The game of Cloved fruit is just like any other game in the world.  If
the rules are explained, understood, and followed, it is just as
enjoyable and safe a sport as Heavy, Light or Football!!!

These are the rules as I learned them.

1.  The fruit is offered only to those you already know.   (I'll get
flack for this part  :):):)          It is not period to boldly go up and
introduce yourself to someone of the opposite           sex,  I was told
the correct way is to be introduced by someone you both know.  

2.  It is up to the receiver to say what happens next.  If they offer
hand, a DRY kiss is          quickly placed on the back of the hand.  
     If they hide the clove on their person, MAKE SURE how they want it
retreived before      just diving in!
   If they pull the pin and throw it away, DUCK down with them.  Go with
the flow!!! :):):)
            ^^                    ^^            ^^               ^^      
I look forward to the day I see this particular response!!!  :):)
If you have different customs for your particular area, I would like to
know them so when I visit your area, I won't make a faux pas and be
unwelcome or uncomfortable.

Please E-mail to  Alarick@

  By the way, if the presenter 's only way to get a kiss is by using the
fruit,  maybe they need take  a shower, see a skin specialist, change
their mouthwash,  try deoderant, but please, get a quarter to buy  a

Thank you for your time.

Not anonamous, just keeping a low profile in Bonwicke

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