Lyonesse -- again

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Wed Feb 12 21:12:50 PST 1997

Greetings all from Mari, Baroness of Bjornsborg, Gateway to Lyonesse!

I am here to remind you all, on behalf of the Lady Lyonesse, that the 
deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent for either the Tournament or 
the Artisans' Display is drawing closer!  If you are planning to attend 
and participate in the Tournament or the Display, you will need to send a 
Letter of Intent in order to qualify for the Championship.

Fighters, you need the sponsorship of a lady to enter the lists.  Please 
provide both addresses (if different) so that Lyonesse booklets can be 
sent to both parties.

Speaking of booklets, they are now available and will be mailed to all 
who send Letters of Intent.  We should have a few extras, so if you'd 
like to know more about tournament, write and request a booklet.

Thanks for your time!


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