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> What are some "basic" guilds that each group should have?

Jovian, I know that your questions went much further afield, but I think the
crux of the matter will be found in the answers to this single item.

In My Opinion, if there are to be "guilds" within a group they should arise
from the interests of the members, not necessarily be mandated by some idea
of a "perfect" organizational structure. What I believe works, particularly
for a new SCA local group, is to begin with general-interest A&S gatherings.
Specialization comes later!

OK, mini-rant off my chest. Now, the basic guilds / groups that seem to work
best are a 
Bardic Circle / Performer's Gathering / Minstrel's Menage (pick a name, just
don't think you have to use the "Bardic" term to designate performing arts), 

a Calligrapher's Conclave / Kaffeeklatsch, 

a Heraldic Happening (or more general "Research Romp") \

and perhaps a Fiber Arts Guild / Sewing Circle (colloquially a.k.a.
"Stitch-n-Bitch" -- and for any who might be concerned about p.c.
terminology, I first heard the last descriptor from several different
*ladies* and pass it on without further comment).

Gee, four sub-groups of A&S activity and four weeks in a month. Convenient,

Consider the (weekly) local Fighter Practice as the meeting of yet another
specialized guild, but also think of it as an opportunity for some
irregularly-scheduled guild-type activities. Works particularly well for A&S
efforts that can be related to the fighting field: metalwork, leatherwork,
armor construction, favor-making. Also often helps a new guild to get off the
ground by scheduling their first few sessions in tandem with the fighter

There's my "starter kit" of suggestions. Hope these thoughts help.

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