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Wed Feb 19 14:47:20 PST 1997

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997 22:10:41 +0000 Elayne Hoover <elyh at wcc.net> writes:
>Thought you would all like to know about this.  This is the young man 
>who got into so much trouble at Gothic (you remember, the slave 
>Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau (the former slave)
>Marcus Hite wrote:
>> It pains me to inform you that Lord Marquet De La Heyt is now free 
>> avalible, both in the SCA and in modern life, as of today about 1:45 

>>         Does anyone know where I can apply to be a "Amazon Boy Toy"?
>>             Maybe I sould think about that last question
>>                                Maybe

First question,  Is the above a statement by the Lord Marquet De La Heyt?

If so, then I suggest He prepare himself for Armageddon. He may at any
time communicate with me, threw e-mail at marcusmac at juno.com   .  And may
further explain his intent. 

I  His Lordship, Marcus McKeon of Clan McKeeman  ,apprentice to Master
Edward D'Orleans {deceased} peace be to is name}, and Cadet to Don Oengus
of the Graymist { let not any action of my own doing bring dishonor to
his good and honorable name}   do here and now give notice to All
  I have been given  a great Honor and Privilege, too bear the Personal
favor of her Most Benevolent Excellency Regina, Grand Matron of House
Amazon, and have been granted Rapier Defender {male} of House Amazon. 

And with this notification any and all Amazons in need of  any help I may
be able to give , Please you just have to ask.

NOTE;    This in no way undermines, the abilities of the Amazon Heavy
fighters or the rapier fighters, or the Artisans, the service oriented
members.      My skills, talents, sweat ,blood, and tears.  Are but to

In Service,  to the group or gropes my travels take me.
                    Crown and Kingdom

H.L. Marcus


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