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At 08:46 PM 2/19/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Marc D McKeeman wrote:
>> >Marcus Hite wrote:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> It pains me to inform you that Lord Marquet De La Heyt is now free
>> >and
>> >> avalible, both in the SCA and in modern life, as of today about 1:45
>> >p.m
>> >>
>> >>         Does anyone know where I can apply to be a "Amazon Boy Toy"?
>> >>             Maybe I sould think about that last question
>> >>                                Maybe
>> First question,  Is the above a statement by the Lord Marquet De La Heyt?

Lady Ghislaine's words:
>Yes, the whole thing is there, just as I first recieved it.  I 
>deleeted and added nothing.  His statement in no way reflects the 
>attitudes or opinions held by Lady Ghislaine Fontanneau.

I am Lord Marquet de la Heyt, and the above are my words; however, this was
a personal message meant as a joke to a few people <who know me well> about
an event that happened at last year at Gothic Wars, and my personal love
life. It was not meant to be posted publicly.

I have E-mailed H.L Marcus about this matter, and ask if anyone wishes to
take this up with me to please E-mail me at MBHITE at ARN.NET or
MBHITE at ACTX.EDU.  I am sorry this got posted on the public LISTSERV, and
hope that no-one has been offened.  

My we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet / Ansteorra

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