Ducal perogative

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Thu Feb 20 11:24:29 PST 1997

Ld, Dieterich pondered:

> Are knights obligated to fight in crown or should only those wishing to
> press their claim enter?

Knights are not OBLIGATED by their oath to compete in Crown tourney but for several years I did feel it my duty to compete.  The problem arises when I feel that I cannot give my all to the fighting because I am not ready to truly be King.  Therefore is my entrance a help to the tournament because it has been well represented by members of the Chivalry?  Or has it been dimmed because I do not fight as hard as I can to win?  I do feel that members of the Chivalry should be in attendance and there should be a good percentage in the list.  As far as I know there has never been a danger of this.  I do feel, personally, that unless entrants feel they could truly take up the burden they should not enter.

Knights are the guardians of the Crown and whoever should ascend to the Throne should have to have proven themselves against those who will defend them.

OBLIGATED? No. Entitled? Yes.

> The idea of Ducal Perogative has often been viewed as "spoiling" the list...
> comments anyone?

I ain't goin' NEAR that one!  :-{)}


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