ducal perogative

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Thu Feb 20 07:43:56 PST 1997

> What is Ducal perogative? I've heard a few things like being able to enter
> crown list at *any* time, being able to enter court w/o previous permission,
> etc. Are these true? Do customs vary from kingdom to kingdom? What other
> privlages to those of royal rank have?

Well I don't know all of Ansteorran Kingdom Law, and there is probably more
since the 1994 draft, but in the current the only thing stated is:

    Section 1: Nobility

    a. The Nobility, by reason of their rank and experience, shall have the
       right and duty to counsel the Crown and Kingdom Officers.

    b. Any Duke or Duchess entered in the Crown Lists shall have the right
       to withdraw from the Crown Lists at any time.

As I read it, they can *leave* crown list at any time, not enter it.

I believe I've been told in the past that Duke's can challenge any one
entered in a Crown list if they feel that they aren't worth of winning. Of
course there are probably lots of things that aren't truth running around.


As well:

    Section l: Royal Audience

    a. Royal Audience is defined as the granting of the Crown's official
       attention to a subject.

    b. Petitions to the Crown for audience shall be presented via the herald
       in charge to the Royal Herald.

    c. Audience shall be granted solely at the convenience of the Crown.

    Section 2: Royal Court

    a. The Royal Court shall be in session, at the pleasure and convenience
       of the Crown, at any event of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

    b. Any person with business before the Royal Court shall petition the
       Crown prior to the beginning of Court.

    c. Courts at which Awards conferring Rank or Precedence are bestowed,
       Officers Invested, or other matters of long term significance occur,
       must be conducted at Calendar Events.

Seems to me that Dukes don't have the right to stop in any time. Not
that they would be denied.


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