Marcus Hite mbhite at
Thu Feb 20 09:44:33 PST 1997

This is in responce to Baron Bors of Lothian post and the others I have
recieved. These are just a few of MY general thoughts, and ideas and in no
way have a meant to offend anyone.

        I HAVE had the pleasure of dealing with the Amazon Household before.
At my first war (Gothic wars V).  I saw the "Kiss of Death" up close and
real personnal.  And I thank you for the warning, and would  ask others not
to take it lightly; however, we are in this game for the fun of it, are we
not. Although my first encounter (at Gothic V) with the Amazons I was quit
scared, I have come to look on that time fun, exciting, and a change from
the everyday life <which is why I play SCA>. Try to remember this is a game,
and if someone ask you to do something your unconfortable with, you can
always state that you are unconfortable with and walk away (NO harm done).

If I am out of place here, I am sure the Amazons will let me know it at the
next event I am presant at.  And I would encourge this because this is how I
like to play the game. (sounds worse that it really should)

BUT, If one can't play in the SCA as they wish, Or if one statement/idea (or
group of) is to make a person an outcast then people aren't living the dream
or playing the game right.  

May we meet on the field as friends,
Lord Marquet de la Heyt / Shire of Adlersruhe

"Please no duct tape on the rapier armor......It is not his armor"  quote
from someone at Gothic Wars V from outside the Amazon circle.

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