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/Here is the section of Kingdom Law concerning Dukes and Duchess.
/Section 1: Nobility
/a. The Nobility, by reason of their rank and experience, shall have the
/right and duty to counsel the Crown and Kingdom Officers.
/b. Any Duke or Duchess entered in the Crown Lists shall have the right to
/withdraw from the Crown Lists at any time.
/In this Kingdom no one can enter into a crown list after it has started
/(say during round three).  If it were allowed, I think you would have a
/really good case to ask the BOD to over turn the results.  Sometimes in
/this Kingdom the crown will choose different fighters to fight the byes,
/often times it is an honor given to senior squires but not always.  
/Other Kingdom do have different customs and may allow there Duke and
/Duchess additional rights.

I have heard from the GG Inman and the GG Sigmund that it was originally 
instituted so that gentles who had served the Society twice as crown
could beg out, whereas others were obligated to remain to the end.
Even one reign can bankrupt the unsuspecting and wellmeaning and with
the unwritten responsibility of the Knights to test the mettle of the
next Crown it reduces the number of times the financial liability of
being crown can be expected of one person.  

I have also heard them both say that Ducal perogative is whatever Dukes
can talk people into letting them get away with.

/Burke McCrory
/Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
/burkemc at ionet.net


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