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Deiter stated....

>This is an interesting twist on an old subject that I have pondered a time
>or two... let's take it a step further:
>Are knights obligated to fight in crown or should only those wishing to
>press their claim enter?
Hummm...That's not easy. My first thought is that no one can be forced to
fight  who dose'nt want to fight. That's even in the rules. However,"forced'
is different than 'obligated'. Does a knight's oath compell him to enter?
Even if he is financially(or medically) unable to fufill the role of King?
Would not that same oath keep him(or her)from competing on the fact that his
victory would be of detriment to the kingdom?

Let's take this  a step further(part 2);)

Is it appropriate for an un-belted fighter to take part in Crown? Should
they use the event as an experience builder, even if they have next-to-none
chances  of winning?

IMHO, Those who enter Crown should be ready,willing, and able to carry it's
weight. I have no thoughts (ok,.. grand delusions)of even entering Crown
tourney. Why? Well, beyond the fact that I have little(read:eeny-weeny)
chance  to win, I cant give up my life or upset my families lives for 9
months. Maybe when I win the lotto I can think about it.

A knight in stargate, whom I respect utmostly, disagreed, saying that crown
was an excellent place to learn and be seen. Forgive me, Sir, but can I not
travel to  other "high quality" events to learn and be seen. Events such as
Steppes warlord,where I fought HRM Mahadi and 4 of his most excellent
squires.(their actions speak well of you, Sir). Or Stargate Baronial, where
I had the honor of going 2-and-out to Sir William and Sir Sif. Kingdom
warlord, Defender of the Fort, Squires inv.  and many more. All won by those
worthy and noble.

I will be going to April Crown. And I will enjoy watching! (go, Keif!)

>Thanks for such a rich topic, Timo
>Dieterich Kempernich von Eltz-
>"Melior dare quam accipere."

danke,  mein herr.

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