Ducal perogative

R o W robertwestmar at juno.com
Thu Feb 20 14:57:56 PST 1997

i believe it comes from an even dimmer past in the West Kingdom.    A
time of single-elimination tourneys where all Knights had a RIGHT to
fight in Crown & unbelts were invited in a couple at a time to fill out
the list.   I remember the thrill the first time I was chosen by the
King.   Dukes could enter with no intent to win & withdraw at any time
(Ducal Perogative).   It was explained to me that thus a Duke could save
the Kingdom from the vagaries of mischance should a superjock mundane
join & come close to the winning of a Crown which he would not value and
would abuse.   I saw several instances of Dukes, who I knew well, staying
in a List just long enough to take out a particular fighter.  (OF COURSE
this was misused!).   Perhaps there is a Dinosaur lurking who has a
different take on the reasoning.   I only know what the Great Ones told
me.              sirrobert     

>>From what I remember, Ducal perogative started out in the dim past 
>in, I believe, the Middle Kingdom.  Seems there was a rule that one of 
>the duties of Knighthood was the obligation to fight in Crown unless 
>granted an excuse by the current Majesties.  The idea came up that 
>Dukes had served their Kingdom sufficiently so that they did not have 
>to fight if they didn't wish to without having to gain the Crown's 
>I'm not sure if this is the total and true origins but this is what I 
>have heard.

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