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Thu Feb 20 19:57:15 PST 1997

dentim at mail.myriad.net wrote:
> Greetings!


> Let's take this  a step further(part 2);)
> Is it appropriate for an un-belted fighter to take part in Crown? Should
> they use the event as an experience builder, even if they have next-to-none
> chances  of winning?
> IMHO, Those who enter Crown should be ready,willing, and able to carry it's
> weight. I have no thoughts (ok,.. grand delusions)of even entering Crown
> tourney. Why? Well, beyond the fact that I have little(read:eeny-weeny)
> chance  to win, I cant give up my life or upset my families lives for 9
> months. Maybe when I win the lotto I can think about it. 


> timo
> littlescumsuckingmutantlefty

Does being unbelted make so much difference?

I see no reason for someone who can, in honor, take the Sword Oath, to 
refrain from fighting in Crown due to lack of confidence.  I always know
I'm not going to win Crown.  But I plan to be there in April.  I could
be wrong about this, and I think I'd make a fun king.

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