Ducal perogative

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Thu Feb 20 21:34:16 PST 1997


I said...

>> Is it appropriate for an un-belted fighter to take part in Crown? Should
>> they use the event as an experience builder, even if they have next-to-none
>> chances  of winning?

Sir Galen repiled..

>Does being unbelted make so much difference?
>I see no reason for someone who can, in honor, take the Sword Oath, to 
>refrain from fighting in Crown due to lack of confidence.  I always know
>I'm not going to win Crown.  But I plan to be there in April.  I could
>be wrong about this, and I think I'd make a fun king.
>Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.

The two points I wished to make were that 1) A knight is typically sworn to
uphold the Crown, and the kingdom. A non-belt (who may feel just as
strongly) typically has not. 2) Should non-belts use Crown as an "audition"
to the members of the Chivalry? (that's where taking the sword oath "in
honor" comes in)


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