Bardic Circle is Still Alive ! ! !

D. Micah Peters damndane at
Thu Feb 20 09:08:27 PST 1997

To all whose eyes fall upon this message I send my deepest appreciation for
your continuing support and assistance. Response has been more than
expected, more than overwhelming and more than enough to ensure a
successful future.

I have been away on emergency leave, but have returned (duh). Such an
absence in the future will go unnoticed because I plan to have deputies
that will be able to take up the slack if the need arises. I am fully
committed to making Bardic Circle a success and guarantee that your
interest and support are not wasted! Now, on to business...

While my main objective remains the same (...To preserve and widely
distribute the Bardic Arts as performed by/for the populous of the Known
World...) it has been greatly enhanced by heartbreaking news from a friend
of a friend and one great suggestion from a very beautiful lady.

On New Years day Ragnar Ulfgarsson (mka Ron Snow) the man responsible for
REALLY introducing me to the SCA passed away. As a very young newbie he
auctioned me off to the local household of Wenches who saw to my...
education. He is also responsible for introducing me to the Bardic Arts and
the Vikings the perfected it. Regrettably, I lost contact with Ragnar and
only found out of his passing after failing to reach him regarding Bardic

Please pay a visit to Here you
will find samples of his work as well as a few pictures. The site is
maintained by Arenbjorn Wulfgrimsson (mka Robert G. Ferrell), whom I envy
for the time he spent with the man I have always respected. If, by chance,
you lack Web access let me know and I will forward you copies of some of
his work. The entire quarterly series will be dedicated to Ragnar (Hope
they have CD players in Valhalla, if not we will need to crank it up a wee
bit 'eh!)

The exact same day I was informed of Ragnars passing Karen G. (she knows
who she is) sent me a message suggesting that some of the proceeds be
donated to the "Make A Wish Foundation". It will be done after exact
production/distribution costs are determined (Hopefully the amount will be
somewhere between 10-20%).

Additionally "Make A Wish" information will be included with _ALL_ label
releases and publicity. Having had close personal contact with this
Foundation in the past I believe their efforts to be truly noble.

Now on to the business at hand...

We are in the process of completing our corporate registration and
selecting, hiring, stealing and/or kidnaping slightly sane and organized
individuals to fill various positions. If all goes as planned the first
disc will be released this summer if not earlier.

The entire process will be outlined in the next message that you receive
from me along with answers to all of the questions that you asked. Look for
it within the next 72 hours. I promise that it will be a long one!

Until then...

The Damned Dane

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