Gulf War

Michael Heydon Marrock at
Sat Feb 22 07:14:54 PST 1997

Gunnora Hallakarva

Seriously, folks, I have some concerns about the 
language I've been seeing on the list in the last 
week that amounts to "Ansteorra Must Win at Gulf War."

I agree with your sentiments regarding "small town football mentality", "us 
all being friends", and especially win or lose "Have Great Lot of FUN 
Fighting!".  I am even going to take a step (big step) further out onto the 
limb and say we are all chivalrous with our personal honor held highest.

I also believe we should listen and comply with your thoughts, however, as a 
fighter, I hear inspiration in the words of my fellow Ansteorrans, not 
conspiracy to win.  It is ever so much more helpful to go into battle 
desiring, even expecting to win your fight, than to step onto the field saying 
"it doesn't matter whether I win or lose, I will have fun" cause somewhere 
around the word "whether", someone is gonna kill you.

Stoke up, plan to win, play hard, but except the fate of the Gods, (after all 
Odin does demand his sacrifices), and upon the result handed down by the 
Gods... eat, drink, and be merry with your victors or your fallen foes.  
"Ansteorra MUST win" is a much better war cry than Ansteorra SHOULD win", for 
those who understand we are playing.

It takes all the steam out of a war effort to add disclaimers to every "call 
for battle".  We, as players in the dream, should have our chivalry and honor 
in place PRIOR to getting caught up in the enthusiasm of fighting.  Hence we 
can have a rip roaring silly old time ranting and raving, praying and 
swearing, killing all who enter our weapons reach, without fear of the 
gremlins of injury or upset feelings.

With the above in mind....

			We must also WIN lots of FRIENDS in the process....

With all respect to Gunnora Hallakarva

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