Winning at Gulf War

Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Feb 24 05:49:24 PST 1997

Well I deleted all the others over the weekend, but I decided to read
this one. Oh boy does this look like it's been/going to be ugly.

> You know, Gunnora, a man I admire a great deal, a man who is a companion of
> two cirles of peerage in this kingdom once said this to me:
> "Dieter my lad, it is of the utmost importance to play the game as fairly
> and honorably as you possibly can, and to have fun doing so... but if you
> aren't winning, someone out there is having more fun than you are."

Not a very noble attitude, in my not so important of opinion. And yes, I
will gladly tell them that.

One shouldn't be worried about how much fun the other guy is having. If
you're worried about that, you are not focusing your energies in the
right directions.

> When I hear Ansteorrans talk about winning the war, I hear people talking
> about trying to have as much fun as possible.  I know *I* want to have as
> much fun as possible.  If that's a crime, lock me up.

If you *must* win to have fun, you're not playing the game right.

I've yet to pick up a sword, rapier, bow, crossbow or even enter an A&S
competition. Does that mean I am not having fun? Or even as much fun as
I can? Hell no. It's the ability of not having to compete with everyone
at all times that makes me feel comfortable within the Society and is a
good escape from my day to day life.

> Also, one does not achieve excellence by setting low personal standards.

Who said you had to settle for low goals? Why can't *you* try to do the
best you can? Even trying to do better than others is a good idea.
Trying *only* to win or worrying about what they are doing isn't the way
to do that.


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