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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Feb 24 08:37:18 PST 1997

Pug declared:

>  This is a notice that all of the officer and other contact information
>  has been removed from the Kingdom of Ansteorra web page. (At least I
>  think I got it all.) There is a notice hanging off the main web page
>  for those who care to read it. (Yeah, it is a bit bitter.) It's at:

This is getting ridiculous. Why are we running scared from ghosts and

This last friday, I needed to get the directions to King's College. I
could not find my BlackStar, so I decided I would look for an online
announcement. Not finding one, I decided to look up the BlackStar
back-issues online or the current one. When I found the BlackStar, I
found that the most important information had been deleted (the event

Luckily, I found my paper BlackStar at home. If I had not, I would have
missed what was a very enjoyable event.

PLEASE put the event announcements or the mostly complete BlackStar
back online. If someone doesn't want their name and address available
then they should not be an officer or they should find an substitute to
fill in for them in the public arena.

Lord Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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