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Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Feb 24 06:48:02 PST 1997

Good Morning,

  This is a notice that all of the officer and other contact information
  has been removed from the Kingdom of Ansteorra web page. (At least I
  think I got it all.) There is a notice hanging off the main web page
  for those who care to read it. (Yeah, it is a bit bitter.) It's at:

  None of this information will be made available again until I have
  talked with Their Majesties to discuss and finalize how we are going to
  deal with this now and in the future.

  My current plans are to:
    *Require* signatures from all officers listed in the BlackStar with
      permission to print the information they desire listed.
    If they are not listed in the BlackStar (ie. replacement officer), I
      will require them and their superior who is listed in the BlackStar
      to sign.
    If they are a new Kingdom officer, I would require them to either
      wait until they are listed in the BlackStar to send it in or to have
      the Crown sign it.
    All local officers not listed in the BlackStar would have to be
      contained on a web page hosted by the group.

    I would not take anyone off the web page until I received a signed form
      from them or their replacement (following the above guidelines).

    If I received anything that did not follow the above guidelines I
      would throw it away without regard.

    If we have *any* problem with someone forging a message (since I can't
      verify every signature), I will *require* the form to be notarized as

  In other words, I'm going to make my life easy since I can't make it
  convenient for those looking for information. Not to mention trying to
  cover my own ass as far as liability is concerned. (Ie. I surrender.
  You win.)

  Btw, *don't* send any information to me until I have posted the official
  way of submitting material for inclusion. If you do, it will be thrown
  away without regard.

In Service,

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