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Chris Walden cmwalden at
Mon Feb 24 02:53:24 PST 1997

On 24 Feb 97 Mark Harris wrote:

> PLEASE put the event announcements or the mostly complete BlackStar
> back online. If someone doesn't want their name and address
> available then they should not be an officer or they should find an
> substitute to fill in for them in the public arena.

I agree.  This half-hearted step into technology is all but useless.  
If we are intended to be some sort of secret society, then I think 
we're headed in the right direction.  But if we are intended to be an 
public organization that deserves any legitimate status at all then 
we need to be able to have information available in a manner 
compatible with other public organizations.

I hope, Pug, that you realize that I permit you to publish my 
information as Rapier Marshall for Bryn Gwlad in any place that is 
appropriate.  It's MY responsibility to screen my calls, for which I 
have an answering machine and caller ID.

M. Antoine Doré
Pour vous servir.

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