Kingdom Web site officer

njones at njones at
Mon Feb 24 21:59:14 PST 1997

Hello Friends,

A refreshing note to this web site business:

At the Northkeep Populace meeting tonight, there was a 
delightful woman who found the SCA though the Internet.

I don't know specifically where she got her information,
but she knew the day and time of the monthly meeting, 
something that is not currently available on the Kingdom 
website or on the Corporate web site.  In fact, after 
about an hour of trying to find just that bit of information 
online, I gave up.

In the future it will be much easier to find information
about Northkeep, a web page is being created.  But...what
about all the other groups that don't have a web page?
Hopefully, interested parties will have much more patience
than I, and will eventually be able to find out such things.


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