Wanna ride to Gulf War?

Scott White swhite at cimedia.com
Mon Feb 24 18:59:35 PST 1997

Gnith the Ruthless here! Woo ha ha!

I'm headed to Gulf Wars, as you know, to win at all costs! ;)

Anyway ... wondering if anyone would like to ride along? I'd rather not take
another armored fighter because my little truck will already be groaning
under the weight of my armor & ballista. If you're just camping, though,
I've got room to take your stuff; it's more of a weight issue than a space

I'll be leaving from Austin probably Thursday or Friday & budgeting Monday
as a travel day to come home. Is anyone planning a caravan?

I'd like you to help with gas and driving (if you can drive a standard) ...
and though I dream that my driving partner will be (of course) a scrawny,
bookish Jet Girl look-alike with glasses, *sigh*, I'd settle for making the
hop with someone who bathes frequently (truck has a small cab) and has a
pleasant personality.

E me baby!

<swhite at cimedia.com>

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