An Engagement

Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Feb 24 20:02:32 PST 1997

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, D.C. Dixon <dcdixon at> wrote:
> My Laurel, Master Allan, announced my engagement to Meridies.

Heavens, the entire *kingdom*?  I've heard of "the bride of the
regiment before", but THIS ...

> >I am pleased to announce the engagement of Lady Jeannesson
> >Cheronnet de Champagne, called Janessia to Lord Danyel MacGregor.

Oh ... "Never mind.".

> Reservation person for the Baronial Tax Revolt, March 7-9, 1997

Bless you, lady, for not using that "-ocrat" suffix!

And blessings on your marriage!

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