Winning at Gulf War

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Mon Feb 17 09:30:52 PST 1997

> Ok,
> 	I think some of this is really getting out of hand.  I don't think any
> of us can say "Oh, we're going to war" and leave it at that, that is not the
> nature of our Kingdom. Ansteorrans are known for our fighting prowess, but that
> is not our be all or end all of our existence either mundane or SCA. 


> ), and if my only goal is to win win win, then I will end up quitting and
> missing the most important parts of this great dream.
> Llygoden Llwyd

	Well said.  For what it's worth, this Trimarian has no problems
with the zeal shown by Ansteorrans over Gulf Wars, nor have all of the
others I've discussed this with over the years.  Other than wishing we
had the same level of enthusiasm, perhaps.

	(To paraphrase an earlier poster, it's the excellence of the
parties involved that makes such successes as we've been able to
eke out so valuable to us.  As a sort of reply to the original post
that started this all, I doubt very seriously that we're going to
pike-and-arrow Ansteorra to death this year; what success we had last
year was largely due to the much-needed help of Meridies, and we may
not be so lucky this year.  Don't forget, Atlantia somehow suckered
you guys into a non-agression treaty; without allies of our own, we're
probably sunk, and Meridies feels no such obligation to us.)

	I've never known our two kingdoms to forget the founding point
of this war:  with so much in common, and bordered by kingdoms
unwilling or problematic to wage an all-out war with, we decided to
throw our lots in with each other, knowing that we'd have to create the
Pennsic of the South in order for it to succeed.  Thanks to Meridies
realizing how lucrative this could be, Gulf Wars _is_ a reality, and
it _will_ eventually rival Pennsic.  Thoroughly excels it already in
terms of fun-to-aggravation ratio, IMO.

	If there were discussion on an acceptable Gulf War cry for
Trimaris, "Better than Pennsic" would certainly be a contender.  It's
our mission statement and our highest priority.  The sight of
black-star tabards stretching from sideline to sideline before the
first battle of Gulf War 1 didn't give us much hope of a won battle,
but it assured us that we had found the worthy opponents we'd hoped

	Go ahead, put the local football boosters to shame; just don't
forget that your opponents at this war are your closest kindred, and
drop by our camps once the fires are lit.		
				Master Morric of Trimaris
			        < morric at >

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