February's LSF meeting...

Chris Walden cmwalden at flash.net
Tue Feb 25 01:08:10 PST 1997

On 24 Feb 97 at 17:44, William H. Herron III wrote:

> What is La Societe Francaise, where is the Bakery you all are
> meeting in, and what does any of this have to do with Ansteorra?

La Société Française is a sort of focus group in Bryn Gwlad for 
people with French personas so that they can get to know each other 
and develop their knowledge of French language, history and culture.

La Madéleine Bakery is at 32nd and Lamar in Austin, Texas.

It appeared on the Ansteorra list because I'm a silly git and had 
someone's address misdirected in my email software.  This has been 
corrected, and I apologize to everyone for the misguided message.

However, if you are interested in La Société Française, or the 
concept, please feel free to contact me via private email.  We've 
already made contac with another similar group called Le Poulet 
Gauche, and it's starting to get interesting.

M. Antoine Doré
Pour vous servir.

> FitzBubba
> Namron, Ansteorra
> (and right readily confused, thank you)

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