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I have just quietly watched this discussion and the one idea that I am having
a real problem understanding is the re-occuring theme.  That we do not want
mundanes to get information and show up at events.

This idea totally baffles me.  I thought that the whole point of the SCA was
that it is an "Educational Recreation Group".  How can we do that if we don't
continue to obtain new members???  I don't see how we can expect his great
"game" we participate it to survive if we do not continue to use many means
for collecting new members.

Quite frankly, like it or not.  The web is the "hottest" emerging source for
information.  Companies are catching on  -it is now hard to find a company
that does not have a web page.  This IS becoming the new "Advertisment media."
 If we want new members, the web is becoming the easiest (not to mention
cheapest) way to get publicity.  I agree with the earlier poster who said that
people are simply afraid of that which they do not know.

So get to know the Web.  You would be amazed at what is out there.  Yesterday
I found an excellent Bardic page that had not only lyrics but also "audio" of
SCA songs (excellent for emerging bards that have reams of lyrics but no tunes
to go with them).  To say the least I was very excitied.  I have also seen a
number of pages on Combat and Armour. I think this is a great idea to start
putting some of our "research" for people to share.  Also now that Capora and
Kingdom law are on-line, it is easy for the populace to have access to this

Sorry this got so long - but back to my original point. New members, from the
web, at events are not a bad thing.  I do understand the concern that people
might show up and want to "just watch".  

But the answer is not to "run-away" and hide from the web.  The answer is to

Great, now we have this great tool (the web).  How do we need to change to
accommodate all the new members that this will generate.  Maybe a link on each
"event announcement" saying "If you have never been to an SCA even click here"
Linked to an article about going to your first event (I think this is already
on the Guiding Hand.)  And we may have to have our hospitalers have "new
comers handouts" at Troll or train the people who visit troll on how to deal
with "mundanes" that wander in.  (Ask Shadowlands - they did an excellent job
last weekend at Kings College)   I am sure that there are many other things
that we can also do.  Why don't we concentrate on how to improve instead of
bickering over why we should quit trying?

We have such potential in the SCA and such talented people.  In such a great
Kingdom as Ansteorra.  It never ceases to amaze me that when we are faced with
a some unknown  -That we run and hide from it.

How can we defeat Trimaris in 2 weeks when we can not defeat our own fear of
that which we do not understand?

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     This announcement is forwarded from Rialto:

>I have been all over the Web trying to figure out who to contact regarding
>the SCA in my area.  Having just moved to Denton (univ. of north texas)
>from San Diego (I miss Calafia and Caid), I find myself lost and
>desparate.  Any information for people to contact in the northern
>Dallas/Ft. Worth area would be greatly appreciated.  

>Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

>Darth Nielsen 

    And while I hope we can help this young person, I also think it
definitely illustrates our need for more information on our Kingdom Web Page.
 He is not an outsider or "mundane", he is one of our own that is trying to
find information, and has been unsuccessful.  His newsletter will take a
least 6 weeks to change address, and recieve the Black Star instead of the
Crown Prints.  Is he to suffer in silence until it arrives, or should he be
able to find event announcements and contact numbers when he arrives?

     Lady Tyrca

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