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I do understand your concern and I really sympathize with your problem.

However your situation is a TOTALLY different point.

We are talking about officers/autocrats/ect who "know" that their contact
information is being published and republished.  (The blackstar copyright says
something along the lines that anything contained in it can be reprinted with
the standard disclaimer and an indication where the material came from.)  From
this my understanding is that anyone could put the entire blackstar on the web
or in a newspaper or ect (official or not) so long as they have the correct
disclaimers and credits.

Your situation was one where you never gave anyone permission to distribute
your contact info.  (Yours is a terrible problem, and we all sympathize with
you, but it remains a different problem)

The situation where you describe that someone is truelly in danger - your
right this person's contact info should not be on the web -  or in the
Blackstar. And quite frankly, this person should not be an officer. Because,
as an officer, people will distribute your phone # if they know it (I have
been an officer and I know how it is).  A member gets a call "Do you know
anything about ____?" and they respond. "No, but let me give you the phone #
of (senechal/hospitler/A&S/ect) and maybe they can help you."  If a person is
truelly in danger they should not risk their saftey to be an officer.  It is
simply not worth it.


Date: 2/25/97 11:09 AM
From: ansteorra at
All of the aguement forgets that this is the age of divorce.  Personally I
like the idea of the newsletter on-line.  But I can sympathise with those
others out there who have an ex-whatever out there who IF they could find
the person whould *happily* beat them bloody or kill them.  This is why you
ask first.

This week past I got more than a dozen Ugly threatening phone calls.  people
got my parents phone number from a flier that had listed me *without need or
my permission* as a contact point for an event.  I am niether autocrat nor
feastocrat.  With either position I am willing to deal with idiots on a
limited basis.  The idea that one of those loonies could come to my house
and do injury to myself or my family *really* bugs me.

Just food for thought here.

Saffiya 'bint Da'ud Al'Mubarrak
m.k.a. Mieka Billings

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