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harry billings psobaka at
Tue Feb 25 08:44:49 PST 1997

All of the aguement forgets that this is the age of divorce.  Personally I
like the idea of the newsletter on-line.  But I can sympathise with those
others out there who have an ex-whatever out there who IF they could find
the person whould *happily* beat them bloody or kill them.  This is why you
ask first.

This week past I got more than a dozen Ugly threatening phone calls.  people
got my parents phone number from a flier that had listed me *without need or
my permission* as a contact point for an event.  I am niether autocrat nor
feastocrat.  With either position I am willing to deal with idiots on a
limited basis.  The idea that one of those loonies could come to my house
and do injury to myself or my family *really* bugs me.

Just food for thought here.

Saffiya 'bint Da'ud Al'Mubarrak
m.k.a. Mieka Billings

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