Winning at Gulf War

E.Preston III & Shelly K.Walker wf3 at
Tue Feb 25 17:54:44 PST 1997

Damaris of Greenhill wrote:
> I just want to add my two cents worth.  Gunnora, to me,
> seemed to be concerned about the small town football team attitude so
> prevalent in Texas and OK, infiltrating Ansteorra that attitude being,
> win at all costs.  It is important to win, yes.  But it is MORE
> important to be able to win fairly and with honor. (did I get this
> right, Gunnora?)

Finally! I've been waiting for someone to say what I couldn't seem to
put my finger on. The difference between wanting to win, and winning at
all costs. Thank you, Damaris, you said what I think.
Britta the Red
Gnomon Vale


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