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Mike.Andrews UDSD007 at
Tue Feb 25 10:52:00 PST 1997

I find all this foofoorah mystifying.

If I were in fear of my life (a genuine concern for some of my
acquaintances), I would do as they do: keep their phone numbers,
addresses, etc., to themselves, keep a low profile, avoid doing
the things they were known to do (e.g.: archery, music, bicycle
racing, horseback riding), etc., etc. And MOST CERTAINLY I would
avoid becoming an officer in any organization. That last might
be painful, but it beats being dead.

The Federal Witness Protection Program subthread started earlier
is a red herring here, in that participants in the WPP take on new
identities, avoid their previous avocations, keep a low profile,
etc., and (with care on the part of the participants) are not
traceable to their former identities.

It's easy enough to determine my residence address, phone number,
etc., through well-known public facilities on the Internet; a good
detective could do much more if he were to put his mind to it. But
I have to worry only about the goon who tried to kill me three
years ago, and who is about to get out of prison. He knows my name
and address already from court documents.

My take on all this: if you don't want your name, address, phone
number, etc., to be public, then you have no business being an
officer at any level. If you don't mind them being in the Black
Star (or TI, or your branch newsletter), then I don't understand
why yould object to having them included in a generally accessible
Web page.

Your Mileage May Vary. If so, please let us all know how it does,
and why.

Mike.Andrews at
Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay, O.L. (Mike Andrews)  Namron, Ansteorra

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