Wanted- second driver to Gu

LUEHRSRM at centum.utulsa.edu LUEHRSRM at centum.utulsa.edu
Tue Feb 25 20:34:45 PST 1997

My Lord and Lady:

I saw your post and have alerted some friends in the Dallas area who are in
need of transport to Gulf and have given them your e-mail.

I was wondering, however, if I might ask a favor?  My Lord and I have a
tent available to us from an SCA gentle in Austin and have no way to get
it to us or to Gulf.  (We live in Tulsa, by the way.)  Might there be
any chance of you bringing it to Gulf?  My Lord and I would provide you 
with a feast in return.  If this is not an option, do you know of any 
others who are going to Gulf from your area?  As I said, we offer a feast
as thank you as well as any favor we might do in return.

I hope that you find a second driver and wish you the best at Gulf.

In service,
Lady Rowan 

P.S. The tent is the freebie that was posted on the Ansteorran net by
Seamus.  My Lord has been in contact with Seamus and though Seamus would
dearly love for us to have his tent, he is unwilling to ship it to us
even C.O.D.  As graduate students, my Lord and I are most interested 
in obtaining this tent as we do not own one ourselves.             

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