We can manage your automated mailing list!

info@interlink-bbs.com info at interlink-bbs.com
Sun Jan 5 10:17:36 PST 1997


   InterLink can manage your mailing list for only $10.00 (US) a month! 
If you are paying more than that, you're paying too much!
   We can let you choose your address, determine who gets on the list,
and a whole lot more. Your users can automatically subscribe/unsubscribe,
receive a weekly or daily "digest" of all posts made to the list, and even
access an archive of old posts! 
   We can also do autoresponders, allowing people to receive your information
automatically when they write to a certain address.
   If necessary, we can accept non-US currency. Please write to negotiate an
exchange rate.
   Our postal address is:

		P.O. Box 2757
		Springfield, Illinois  62708

   If you had a specific question and would like more information, please 
write to:

		info at interlink-bbs.com

   The more specific your questions are, the better we are able to answer

   Have a great day!


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