12thnight pictures

ches ches at io.com
Sun Jan 5 22:29:59 PST 1997

I purchased a new toy for my husband and well you know how it goes, I
get to use it too! :)

Take a look (31 picts, 5 minutes at 28.8) at what you missed at 12th


If you see yourself let me know your name and I will change the name
on the GIF. If you see yourself and become terrified at the
possibility of being recognized by your boss that you were not really
sick but at an event instead.... by all means let me know so that I
can take your picture down. Give me at least 6 hours to act as I work
during the day. Happy happy!

Could someone recite a story about Jean Pierre for me? (Ragnar's alt
persona) I will sorely miss him and his long curly locks....Queen
Elizabeth has lost her most prized courtier.

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