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>I found this in the school district's weekly news paper & thought that
>you might enjoy them.

>Christmas Carol Vocabulary Brain Teaser
>During this festive season we all begin humming our favorite Christmas
>songs. Most of the following songs are well-loved carols and have been
>around for a long time.  However, would these songs be recognizable under
>different titles?
>How many Christmas carols can you identify?

>Endothermic Quadraped with Vermillion Proboscis
>Father Christmas en route to borough
>Frozen Precipitation Commence
>Endocarps Vesticated in a Conflagration
>The Dozen Festive 24-Hour Intervals
>Loyal Followers Advance
>Colorless Yuletide
>Nocturnal Noiselessness
>Small City in Judea
>Initial Christmas
>Delight For The Planet
>Array The Corridors

To that list add....

First Person Nomitive (sp?) of a Triumverant Head of State.

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