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Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Jan 2 06:09:15 PST 1997

> GET ME OFF YOR SERVICE.... I do not know how you got on this list but get 
> off!!!!!!!!!!. 

Good Morning,

  I don't know if you meant the Ansteorra mailing list, which your
  message was automatically sent to, or the fact that the Ansteorra
  mailing list is on the service. (Let me know if you did
  mean the Ansteorra mailing list and I will get you off immediately.)

  I have been in contact with as well as their Internet
  provider. Although has a configuration that sucks pond scum
  (they don't have an address for postmaster, which is required and
  their MX records loop back and bounce the mail) and have not responded
  yet, their Internet provider - (a UK company) - has
  and is going to help make sure the problem is resolved.

  I appologize to everyone for this inconvience and I hope it is
  resolved quickly.


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