peer fear

Mike Vincent matchstc at
Thu Jan 9 21:03:22 PST 1997

Wonderful suggestion

 This being our second time around with the Society, there's been several
times that we were in this situation ( never having been part of a
household) and you feel real imposing when you have to sit a table because
that's the only open spot. It's real overwhelming for a new person to see
the degree of intricacy that some of the households put into their spread.
Not that's it's not a delight to the eye and senses just kinda intimidating
to be on the outside looking in.

 Thanks again a wonderful idea

At 09:52 PM 1/9/1997 -0600, you wrote:
>On Fri, 27 Dec 1996 Mjccmc01 at wrote:
>> An approach that the household I was "brung up in" in Meridies had an
>> excellent method:  The various associates in the household (who were
>> presumably less intimidating the the peers who headed it) were sent out to
>> find one or two unattached, new souls and invite them to eat with the
>> household.  I've always wanted to adopt the tradition myself, but my
>> apprentices terminally overcommit and rarely sit down through a feast.
>>  Please, anyone interested feel free to swipe the idea.
>I apologies for coming in late, but I have beenout of town for two weeks.
>This is a lovley idea that I wish more folk would do.  I am very
>uncomfortable with new senarios and my husband is classicaly shy.  It
>would be nice to be included in someone's household at feast when we are
>traveling (I wouldn't dare ask someone I just met, Richard wouldn't ask at
>all) instead of quietly admiring everyone else's stuff, plotting what I
>want to find for us, and wishing we were brave enough to join in.
>Getting braver as time goes by,
>Grimfells, Calontir

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