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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Jan 10 11:16:45 PST 1997

Mighel comments about inviting folks to share your table at feast:

Wonderful suggestion

 This being our second time around with the Society, there's been several
times that we were in this situation ( never having been part of a
household) and you feel real imposing when you have to sit a table because
that's the only open spot. It's real overwhelming for a new person to see
the degree of intricacy that some of the households put into their spread.
Not that's it's not a delight to the eye and senses just kinda intimidating
to be on the outside looking in.

I'm afraid this is not just a problem for new folks, either. We (my wife and
have often felt left out of it at a feast when we find ourselves eating
Although I have sometimes been forward enough to ask others to join us for
feast, she often feels that we are imposing on others when I do this. She
seldom will do this herself, even though she is now much less shy and afraid 
than she was when she first joined the SCA.

Admitedly, we have seldom been turned down when we have asked other SCA folks
if we might join them at a table, but it still brings up fears of imposing
on others.

Suggestions? Comments?

Stefan li Rous
markh at

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