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Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Tue Jan 14 14:42:42 PST 1997

At long last the Viking answer Lady has a Web site.  I have installed a few
of my past articles on Viking history and culture, and many more are in the
queue waiting to be put online.

Check it out!


And if you have questions you'd like to see the Viking Answer Lady address,
e-mail me at <gunnora at>

Current columns on-line include:

What did the Vikings eat?
What did the Viking women wear?
What kind of ships did the Vikings sail?
What kind of navigation tools did the Vikings have?
What kind of games did the Vikings play?
What kind of wedding ceremonies did the Vikings use?
Did the Vikings believe in ghosts?
How can I shop for amber today and not get cheated?


Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa þik hversu oðlask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
heldr hversu na Hersis-Aðal

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