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>I have a question.. In order for someone to receive an Order of Merit (or
>for that matter ANY SCA Award) shouldn't they be a "PAID" member of the

Ansteorra is one of the few Kingdoms in which being a paid member is less
important that what contrubtions you make.  Original no one had to be a
paid member to receive recognition for work done.  Many poeple in this
Kingdom are active particapants without being a paid member.  Yes, there
are some things that rightly require a paid membership, SCA offices and
fighting for Crown.  But, we would be a poorer group if only paid members
were allowed to receive recognition for the work they do.  Plus, what do
you do to the peer or lord whose membership lapses?  Do you strip them of
there awards?  

>If not, then I believe the procedures need to be changed.  An
>individual CANNOT be deserving of the above mentioned award (or any) if
>he/she DOES NOT attend ANY Shire events; discourages other members of
>his/her household from attending or participating in Shire events or help
>the Shire in any way.

Here you will get no argument from me.  Anyone who is not particapating
and/or is discouraging other from participating is not working for the
betterment of the SCA.  But, I feel that these are two different topics.
Plus, it is possable for a indivdual to be active on a Kingdom level while
choosing not to participate localy.  I do not agree with this perspctive
but, I recognise that t exsists.  And some of these people have contributed
to the SCA in very constructive ways.  Just my two shillings worth.

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