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Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Tue Jan 14 23:18:21 PST 1997

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, DEIDRA L GOUGH <cat_eyes at> wrote:
> If a person is actively a detriment to their
> local group, they should NOT be rewarded for it.  ... It amazes me
> that someone can  tell the powers that be 
> (locally) that they will not be playing here anymore because they "have
> bigger fish to fry" (and leave taking their entire household with them),
> and then receive grant level service awards as well as a Baronial service
> award.  

I don't see going away as being a *detriment*, though.  Not helping is
not the same as hindering.  I'm not doing anything for Bryn Gwlad
right now; I'm very active in the College of Heralds and SCA College
of Arms.  Does that mean I don't deserve to hold a kingdom-level
awards (e.g., a Star of Merit)?

Baronial service, I can certainly see your point (although perhaps the
previous service was deserving and they just hadn't gotten it yet?).

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