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Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Wed Jan 15 12:39:24 PST 1997

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Jeanne C. Stapleton wrote:

> > In Ansteorra, Shires may submit their members for the Sable Comet of
> > Ansteorra, which is an Award-of-Arms level award designed to
> > recognize individuals' efforts to a group lower than Baronial level.
> > 
> The Outlands has a similar one,the Trefoil (but I believe it's 
> specifically "service to a shire"...but it doesn't have to be "your" 
> shire, which means it can apply to travelling to other shires and 
> helping out there, teaching, fighting, helping with demos, etc.

I really like these awards.  I often felt like I was being terminally
ignored by my own shire, and I do enjoy being in other groups.  If I had
more time and money, I think I would almost live in Northkeep SCA-wise.
> > All this notwithstanding, I would argue that a person who doesn't
> > support local groups and, in fact, undermines the group's efforts by
> > discouraging other members from participating, shouldn't get any
> > kind of award.  Even as I hold a deputy kingdom office, I still
> > participate in my local group's activities and support the groups
> > around us.

I do have memories of certain persons who could be counted on to have an
activity at their own place at the same time Grimfells would be having
feast or whatever.  I am extremely wary of "counter-revels" or anything
that could be described as such. 
> discouraging other members of their household from doing so:  well, 
> it's still up to the individuals in question whether they take that 
> advice or not.  Households are a weird organism--I don't know where 
> they fall on the scale of things in Ansteorra.  They're not at all 
> big in the Outlands, in An Tir they're a huge social factor.  
> Households are not official SCA groups, and therefore they fall 
> somewhat outside the pale: 

In Calontir, I *think* it's more of a low-key social thing.  Real friends
don't manipulate each other in any kingdom.  I would never activly
discourage someone from joining Grimfells.  If they ask, I would tell them
I am predjudiced and why, but I wouldn't say don't do it.  That would be
unethical and too much like some folk I am unfod of.


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