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> On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, DEIDRA L GOUGH <cat_eyes at> wrote:
> > If a person is actively a detriment to their
> > local group, they should NOT be rewarded for it.  ... It amazes me
> > that someone can  tell the powers that be (locally) that they will
> > not be playing here anymore because they "have bigger fish to fry"
> > (and leave taking their entire household with them), and then
> > receive grant level service awards as well as a Baronial service
> > award.  
> I don't see going away as being a *detriment*, though.  Not helping
> is not the same as hindering.  I'm not doing anything for Bryn Gwlad
> right now; I'm very active in the College of Heralds and SCA College
> of Arms.  Does that mean I don't deserve to hold a kingdom-level
> awards (e.g., a Star of Merit)?
Master Daniel, I had a great pithy reply from you also on this topic 
right before this which I fat-fingered and deleted by accident; could
you possibly re-send it, because I was going to make some sort of
commentary on it, but I can't remember what it was.  (First day of
classes here=me losing my mind.)

Anyway, I agree that "going away" is not the same as hindering.
People take their dishes and dollies and go away all the time, some
permanently.  It kind of depends on what the net effect on the group 
was; it may be that "going away" is not permanent and that it 
removed a source of group stress.  (I'm probably falling all over
myself in politics of which I am totally unaware, but...I've seen 
happen lots of times.)  I think a lot depends on if they were a 
fringe household and fringe players or were fairly central to the 
running of the group.  If they suddenly pulled all the personnel out 
of a number of key offices and a number of events...hell, no, no way
do they deserve any kind of reward.  However, I can't imagine them 
getting a baronial service award without having done something
beneficial for the group at some point past.

> Baronial service, I can certainly see your point (although perhaps
> the previous service was deserving and they just hadn't gotten it
> yet?).
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