Membership, Awards, Local Participation

William H. Herron III wherron at
Wed Jan 15 21:29:00 PST 1997

Tim McDaniel wrote:

> The SCA's legal agent represents the SCA, Inc., in more important
> causes than any single one of us.  They're not a member, so why does
> anyone else have to be?

What's a legal agent?  Are you referring to the corporate legal
lawyers?  If so, then I would suggest that they receive compensation
from us (either as a pro bono or through direct payment), which makes
them a contractor to the SCA, Inc.  That's a stronger relationship than
being a member.

> The stock clerk handles more money than most branch treasurers, and
> she's not a member (last I heard about Renee).

The Registrar of the SCA (currently Renee di Calabria, mka Renee
Signorelli) is not the "Stock Clerk".  The SCA Marketplace, formerly the
Office of the Stock Clerk, is a separate entity from the Registrar's
Office.  Lady Renee is an employee of the SCA, Inc., which once again
gives her a stronger relationship than that of a member.

People join the SCA for a variety of reasons.  If I didn't have, three jobs in Ansteorra that require me to be a member, then I
would still be a member of the Society.  It's because I believe in what
we do here, and I want to support it with my money as well as my time
and sweat.


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