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>Larkin O'Kane wrote:
>> > Help Just a quick note!!  If some one from Mendersham could please
>> > call me 806-797-8259.  I understand you are hosting the WR A&S.
>> > Ly Anastasiya
>> Lady Anastasiya, It is the Incipient Shire of Crossroads Keep that is
>> sponsoring the WR A&S.  Baroness Mistress Regina at (915) 267-6752
>> should be able to provide the information you need.
>> Larkin
>Um...just to clarify.  The Shire of Blacklake, the Incipient Shire of
>Crossroads Keep, the Shire of Mendersham, and the Shire of Trelac are
>all active participants in the Western Regional Arts and Sciences
>College, to be held on 21-23 March, according to the Request for Date
>received by my office.
Thanks the date is all that I needed to arrange the Tourney/court.  A
non-calendar event.  Just an event to keep us together and moving.  I
plan to hold it the weekend after the A&S.  I do not wish to interfer
with the Calendar event.  However I believe it is important for the
Western Region to practice togetherness.  Always the more the Merrier.

>Blacklake is listed as the "major" sponsoring group.  Incipient groups
>may not "sponsor" events in Ansteorra (per Kingdom Law, Article V
>Section 1 and Article VIII Section 6).
>If I'm mistaken in any of the above, please correct me.  I'll want to
>update the Calendar accordingly.
>Deputy Kingdom Chronicler - Kingdom Calendar Requests

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