Kingdom Calendar was Re: Western Regional A & S

Pug Bainter pug at
Fri Jan 17 05:49:21 PST 1997

Btw, thanks everyone for asking without my prompting. *smile* I just
love when that happens.

> >           Is there any way you could post the *entire* kingdom
> > calendar once a month to the Ansteorra list like Maire used to do? I
> > think that many people would be grateful if you did.
> It's a good idea.  The reason Barat and I haven't done it before is
> because, once we get more than six months into the future, the Kingdom
> Calendar becomes very, er, fluid.  (More like motor oil...)

IMHO, a fluid Calandar is better than none at all for planning.

Seeing which events you are supposed to be up is better than finding out
some really cool event already had it. (Yeah, I know the Seneschal is
supposed to have a copy, but that hasn't happened in quite a while here.
I don't know if it's the case everywhere due to the recent confusions
or not.)

As well, I actually had someone ask for it the other day due to the fact
that they needed to plan their vacations for the next year. I guess not
everyone has flexible schedules and actually need to plan that far in


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