Picnic Lunch

Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Fri Jan 17 09:20:13 PST 1997

This is from the battle schedule for Estrella War. Thought you'd find it as
amusing as I did; the punch-line comes at the end:

                                        First Battle

Traditional open field battle to be fought best two out of three. 

                                         Second Battle

Ford Battle to be fought best two out of three. 

                                          Third Battle

Pit Battle to be best two out of three. 


30 minute picnic lunch.

That's a minimum of six battles and maybe nine before lunch!!!

Either they run things alot more organised that I've usually seen or
lunch is really at 4:30pm. Perhaps they start the battles at 6 am?

Stefan li Rous

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