Incipients and hosting events

Patricia Horton horton at
Fri Jan 17 09:56:37 PST 1997

Well, during my term as Kingdom Seneschal, I DID NOT simply let Incipients
sponsor events by themselves. I did allow them to post an event
announcement like: "Incipient foo of foofoo Champion Tourney". The event
bid was required to have the name of a non-incipient group that was
sponsoring the incipient group and would work with them in the planning.
It may not have been visual to the populace, but the letter of the law was

As for the posting of the full Kingdom Calendar. I placed all the 1997
Baronial events, and worked with the Officers to place all the Kingdom
events for 1997 by the end of February 1996. You should consider doing the
same for 1998 now. It helps groups plan. I got a lot of good feedback
about posting the whole calendar (12 months worth).


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