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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Fri Jan 17 12:10:55 PST 1997

Excerpts from the SCA-Chroniclers list:
> On the issue of mailiong lists, I am presuming you are speaking of any
> medium where the content is in NO WAY controlled or even supplied by the
> administrator.  There is no way that an open subscription, unmoderated
> list could ever be considered an "official" publication of the SCA and
> could, therefor, never be held to the guidlines set forth by the various
> kingdom chronicler handbooks.  It is up to the administrators to be
> responsible enough to know this and act accordingly.

Is there a difference between the open subscription policy I have with
Ansteorra and the closed subscription policy that the SCA-Rapier list

Am I, as the Ansteorra administrator, not responsible for the content,
besides trying to be responable? Is Savian, as the SCA-Rapier
administrator, then responsible for the content?

As well, are digests "controlled"?

> The key there is "produced by their branch".  A mailing list is not
> produced by their branch nor is it controlled by the chronicler UNLESS the
> list has a closed subscription policy AND is moderated by a warranted
> chronicler.

Hmm. So it has to be *both* closed and moderated to be an "official"
publication? With your Kingdom's open policy on becoming an electronic
chronicler, this could be quite simple to accomplish.

> We in the Middle Kingdom have adopted a policy whereby anyone may become
> "Warranted" as an electronic chronicler (whatever the title is this week)
> by adhering to a few simple guidelines, reporting to their regionals
> regularly (that may be as little as once a year, I'll have to look that
> up), and placing a preapproved disclaimer prominantly on the primary page
> of their site.

We in Ansteorra are in the middle of getting the Disclaimer and
Copyright on all the primary pages. (It'll be out to everyone later in
the day.) Other than that, I don't know of any policies in place for what
the "electronic" chronciler for each group is/does. Do you have regional
electronic chroniclers? If not, should they report to the Kingdom
electronic chronicler if there is one? Shouldn't they report to the
local chronicler so it's included in his reports and know what is going
on? Chain of command could get grey here.

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