1996 Ansteorra On-Line Award Project - Final Nominee List (long)

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1996 Ansteorra On-Line Award - Nominees

* Nominees:

Note: Nominations were accepted through midnight, Jan. 15, 1997.

More information on this project is available at the awards website:
or via e-mail from Viscount Galen of Bristol: pmitchel at flash.net


Who can vote:
Anyone with an e-mail account may vote. No more than one vote per e-mail
account; if you have multiple e-mail accounts, please don't vote more than

When to vote:
Anytime from now until midnight CST, January 31st, 1997.

How to vote:
Choose the three people from the list of nominees below whom you believe to
have been of the greatest service to the Kingdom of Ansteorra prior to
January 1, 1997. Order them as "first", "second" and "third". Votes not
conforming to these instructions will be discarded. Three different names,
all nominees on the list below, sent to the right address by the deadline,
are the only votes that will be counted.  Votes posted to the Rialto, the 
Ansteorra list or other public forums, or votes sent to Viscount Galen,
will be discarded.

Where to vote:
Send e-mail to Lord Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra at KiheBard at aol.com
(Lord Amra has several e-mail addresses, please don't use any others 
that you may know).

Tallying votes:
Three points will be awarded to the recipient of each first-place vote. Two
points will be awarded to the recipient of each second-place vote. One
point will be awarded to the recipient of each third place vote. In the
case of a tie, duplicate word-fame will be awarded.


Lord Angus MacTaggart (Rik Packham) - Lord Angus is the virtual scribe of
the SCA Crossroads, an unofficial SCA website, as well as alternative sites
for Bryn Gwlad and each kingdom.

Baron Aodhan Itean Fhithich (David Brummel) - Master Aodhan produced the
first graphically-enhanced Kingdom website, including the entire Order of
Precedence and a map of the kingdom on-line. (Loch Sollier)

Lord Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds (Stephen Pursley) - Lord Barat is the
webmaster of the Namron website, and, as Kingdom Chronicler, has placed the
_Black Star_ on-line. (Namron)

Don Danulf Donaldson (Dana Groff) - This good gentle was instrumental in
the founding and early maintenance of the Rialto. Without him, it wouldn't

Lady Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook (Pandora Berman) and Guillaume
Barberouge (Bill Sommerfeld) - These two gentles serve the entire SCA in
maintaining the Rialto e-mail digest.

Master Justin du Coeur (Mark Waks) - Master Justin created & maintains the
Rolls Ethereal, a valuable resource for all SCA members on-line. (East

Viscount Galen of Bristol (Paul Mitchell) - His efforts on the first
"official" Ansteorra homepage (created in consultation with the Kingdom
Seneschal), which collected over 4600 hits, as well as homepages for the
Barony of Elfsea, the Incipient College of Three Bridges, every barony in
the kingdom that didn't already have a page, plus useful postings to the
Rialto, the Ansteorra list, and the Ironrose list (a mailing list for and
about women fighters) has provided valuable information to numerous people,
including many searching for the SCA for the first time. (2 nominations)

Don Giovanni di Fiamma - "For having the guts and the generosity to give
medical opinions (he is a Naval Trauma Surgeon) concerning SCA fighting and
safety issues for no reward save the knowledge that he is is helping the
fighter of the SCA." (Trimaris)

Lord Gnith mac Caitt (Scott White) - "His web site has information on
making weapons, catapults, throwing axes, grooming tips for picts, and
events photos. This is all done with pictures and a sense of humor." (Bryn

Lady Grainne Gelleo - This lady (of An Tir, we believe) is the founder and
administrator of the Ironrose Mailing List, for and about lady fighters,
and as such she has provided an invaluable service for many Ansteorrans,
among many others throughout the Known World.

Mistress Gunnora Hallkarva - Mistress Gunnora's informative, useful and
insightful posts to the Ansteorra and Ironrose lists have earned this

Lady Letha de Loc Airgead (Lonnie Carpenter) (aka CrkitRed) - Letha has put
in substantial work as an Op on the #SCA Undernet channel, serving to "help
newbies, discuss topics of Societal interest, and generally make being in
the SCA more fun." (Ffynnon Gath)

Mistress Maire Drummond - As Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Maire regularly
posted the Kingdom Calendar to the Ansteorra List, and used the list to
quell untrue rumors, and improve communication between her office and the
rest of the kingdom. (Steppes)

Lord Michael de la Mare (Michael Mayer) - First as Kingdom Hospitaller, now
as Deputy Kingdom Hospitaller, Lord Michael has produced an excellent site
for new SCA members, The Guiding Hand.

Lord Mordraut Freyulf - "For setting up an incredible website for Bryn
Gwlad, and picking up the slack when Pug got swamped." (Bryn Gwlad)

Lord Otto Vustmann (Charles E. Bonawitz IV) - Lord Otto is the man who made
The Complete Participant's Handbook, the Ansteorran rules of combat,
available on-line. (Bryn Gwlad)

Lord Phelem "Pug" Utred Gervais (Richard Bainter) - Pug's work as the
creator and administrator of the Ansteorra, Bryn Gwlad, Moritu and Amazon
mailing lists (probably plus others we don't know about), as well as his
work to prepare the new official Kingdom of Ansteorra homepage make it
impossible to run such a project as this without his inclusion as a
nominee. It is nearly impossible to be on-line in Ansteorra without
encountering Pug at some point, but his diplomacy, courtesy, and
communication skills, as well as his selfless efforts, make this something
to be anticipated, rather than feared. (5 nominations) (Bryn Gwlad)

Don Savien Dore (James Crouchet) - Don Savien has been very active in
making the RapierNet and DonNet mailing lists so successful and valuable to
the rapier fighters on-line. (Bryn Gwlad)

Lord Stefan li Rous (Mark Harris) - Two words: Rialto Archive. Stefan's
efforts to catalog the wisdom, knowledge and opinions of the entire SCA as
filtered through the Rialto has led to the creation of a most unique
resource, which he works hard to keep up-to-date and available. (3
nominations) (Bryn Gwlad)

Lord Ulf Jorgensen - "Lord Ulf has been instrumental in the establishment
of the SCA presence on IRC and continues to this day maintaining the
channel as an open venue for people from within the Society, not just
Ansteorra, but from through-out the Known World to come and share stories,
songs, experiences, trials and sorrows. Lord Ulf is able to share his more
than 16 years' experience int he SCA with people all over the world, as
well as answering the questions of newcomers who come in wishing to know
more about the Society." Ulf's work on the Eldern Hills website is also a
valuable contribution to the on-line presence of our kingdom. (Eldern

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you may visit the Elfsea Links Page at 


Viscount Galen of Bristol, KSCA, CSM, etc.
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