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New RUSH Classes? :)
Ld. Edrei the Quiet, OT			  mka:  Dave Backlin
Merchant and Adventurer	        	        Ad/ PR Student
Shire-March of Grimfells                        And freelance "consultant"	
Kingdom of Calontir				dbackli at comp.uark.edu	

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From: "Dagger" <dagger at cp-tel.net>, on 01-17-97 9:02 AM:
	And perhaps the ever smiling Duke Bearkiller would condone to instruct 
Art of Arrow Dodging 101.  Or even How to Use Your Squire as a Shield 202!

Morgan the Black
What about really high level classes??
Squire Mental Capacity and Behavior 499
Drunkenese for Experts 387
Ancient Mythology of the Yam 423
Yurt Construction with a blood alcohol content of .34 403
Fighting with a Hangover 359
Knightly Letching 357
Sign Cannibalization 461
Excuses to use when not Fighting 430
Trim and it's many Murderous Uses 385
Understanding Complex Combinations of Vowels and Consonants 449
How do I stop with the Bad Jokes 477
"I don't know" as a Second Language 370
"I'm Sorry. I'm a Squire. It'll never Happen again" 501

I mean these only in jest!!

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