IMPORTANT: Candlemas changes..

Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Jan 23 11:48:53 PST 1997

Good Morning one and all,

  Due to a scheduling mishap, the Candlemas site is changing. The new
  location has been narrowed down to 1 of 2 sites and will be decided no
  later than this weekend.

  Please watch here for the new site and directions. I will post everything
  as soon as we have the information. As well, it will made available at:

  We apologize for any inconviences, especially since this will not be
  in the BlackStar since it has already been sent out. Please pass the
  information along to those people who are attending, as well as those
  who can pass it on to others. (Ie. At fighter practices, at meetings,

In Service,

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